$SAUNA (SAUNA FAINANCE TOKEN) is a governance token issued by BSC (BEP20) smart contract.

$SAUNA is positioned as an incentive token to ensure the stable operation of SAUNA Dapps that will be developed and released by SAUNA FINANCE in the future. Therefore, $SAUNA is a simple governance token designed to be applied to a variety of possible future Dapps.


$SAUNA will have tokenomics linked to the expanded SAUNA FINANCE functionality in the future.

The burn mechanism for tokens will also be linked to the SAUNA FINANCE functionality, and no minting will take place before the tokenomics set is established.

Staking pools and farming, which will be launched first, will also be allocated from currently issued tokens.


TOTAL SUPPLY : 50,000,000 Team : 5,000,000...*20% annual release Marketing : 2,500,000 PrivateSale : 360,710 Crowdsale : 266,762 Pancake Liquidity : 250,000 *Locked: 100% Burn:1,958,238 Earn : 13,639,000 Waiting Earn & Platform: 26,025,290

✅Team : 5,000,000 ...*20% annual release

Allocations to teams will be released at a rate of 20% annually, with due consideration given to not impacting market prices. *The amount of emissions may be lower depending on market volume.

✅Marketing : 2,500,000

AirDrop, Giveaway, Community Manager Fee, etc. are allocated to ensure sustainable SAUNA FINANCE promotional activities.

The use of these allocations will be carefully considered to ensure that there is no impact on the price, taking into account the market volume.

✅pancake Liquidity : 250,000

Considering the crowdsale price funding and the purchase price, it was assigned to Pancakeswap to ensure initial liquidity.*Locked: 100% - Unlock Date : 12 months min



That includes anything that the team or developers have manually sent to the Burn address, or anything that has been permanently stuck during contract development.


Already allocated to rewards for Staking Pool, Farming, Dapps, etc.

https://sauna.finance/staking/ https://sauna.finance/cakelp-farming/

✅Waiting Earn & Platform:26,025,290

It will be used to reward future Staking Pools, Farming, Dapps, etc. The APR of each reward pool is carefully determined so that SAUNA is gradually distributed to the market through staking and farming.

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